Speedfight 4 125cc
  • Speedfight 4 125cc

    The 4th generation of the iconic Peugeot Speedfight is now available in 125cc form, powered by an all-new liquid-cooled SmartMotion engine. Maintaining it's position as the definitive sports scooter, it is the most powerful Speedfight to date and also the most economical, capable of returning 134 mpg [2.1 litres/100 km], giving you, the rider, the best of both worlds.Twin LED lenticular headlights emphasise this bike's sporting intentions, framed by signature lighting above the front grille, 'ice effect' indicators and rear light layout styled into lion's claws.

    At its heart is the liquid-cooled SmartMotion motor, featuring SYNERJET single-indirect fuel injection and patented ACG [Alternative Current Generator] management. This ingenious system disables the flywheel during acceleration and deceleration phases, but only when the battery is sufficiently charged, increasing fuel economy by more than 5% (measured on the on WTMC 1.2 cycle), and making more power available during the starting phase.

    Power is nothing without control and rider confidence is boosted by the introduction of Synchro Braking Concept braking, which is as effective as it is easy to operate. Applying the lever on the left side of the handlebar to activates the The Speedfight’s 215 mm front and 190 mm rear disc brakes simultaneously, distributing the effort so that the scooter slows down, without locking the wheels or diving at the front end. In case of emergency braking, applying the right-hand lever as well adds power to the front brake. 

    Designed for the digital era, the Speedfight 125i has a digital dashboard with backlit LCD display and is fitted with a smartphone holder and USB socket, to keep you connected on the go. 

    The name you can trust - Peugeot. 

    • Technical Specifications

      Engine: 125cc
      Power: 8,1 kW
      Licence Type: A1 Licence Type Required
      Stroke Type: 4-Stroke
      Transmission: Auto
      Cooling: Liquid Cooled
      Seat Height: 800mm
      Weight: 121 kg
      Front Brakes: Disc
      Rear Brakes: Disc